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Research Report

A Study on the Improvement of the Museum and Art Gallery Support Legislation
  • Issue Date 2019-12-31
  • Page 110
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Ⅰ. Background and purpose
○ Museums and art galleries have spatial meanings that collectively contain culture, art, and science. Furthermore the importance of a ‘close-to-life social infrastructure’ has been newly emerging in recent years, and a new approach is required because it is a convergence cultural facility that can directly affect the quality of life of the people.
○ In particular, the rapid development of technologies such as the 4th industrial revolution, and the advent of the decentralization era have increased the demand for services in local museums and art galleries. Accordingly it is necessary to review legislative flaws or improvement measures by reviewing the 「Museum and Art Gallery Support Act」.
○ This study analyzed the legislative policy limitations, legislative system and legislative history of 「Museum and Art Gallery Support Act」, focusing on social and policy issues surrounding museums and art galleries.
○ In addition, a new legislative policy issue was drawn up and reviewed in order to systematize the policy base of museums and art museums, and to establish a foundation for a legal system that can operate effectively.

Ⅱ. Main Content
○ Since the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act was enacted in 1991, there have been a total of 2 revisions and 11 revisions. When the first revision was made in 1999, a legal basis on ‘Curators of Museums and Art Galleries’ was introduced, and the ‘Museum and Art Gallery Promotion Committee’ was established. In the 10th revision(2016), the pre-evaluation system for museums and art galleries, the evaluation and certification system was introduced.
○ Currently, the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act includes general rules, and the administrative management on the national museums and national art galleries, public museums and public art galleries, private museums and private art galleries, university museums and university art galleries.
○ This study analyzed the major problems of the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act and suggested specific improvement measures.
  - Directions for Improvement of the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act
    · Improvement direction to strengthen the promotion policy of museums and art galleries
    · Improvement direction for effective operation management of museums and art galleries
    · Improvement direction for strengthening status as a general law
  - Revision of the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act
    · Separation of responsibility and planning provisions for museum and art gallery policies
    · Establishment of a legal basis for the ‘Museum and Art Gallery Policy Committee’
    · Revision of legislation to strengthen the linkage between the museum and art gallery registration system
    · Establishment of legal basis for the actual survey of museums and and art galleries
    · Elimination of enumeration methods related to scope of application
Ⅲ. Expected Effect
○ The expected effect of this study is to promote the systematic development of museums and art galleries by closely analyzing the history and discipline of the related legal system centered on the Museum and Art Gallery Support Act and deriving legal improvements.
○ This study can be used as a reference in future research in related fields by deriving a plan to legally support comprehensive and diverse system improvement for the promotion of museums and art galleries.