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Research Report

Study on establishing legislative standards for post-regulatory impact assessment
  • Issue Date 2023-12-31
  • Page 242
  • Price 9,000
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Ⅰ. Backgrounds and Purposes
▶ Increasing demand for institutionalization of post-regulatory impact assessment for regulatory reform
○ Post-regulatory impact assessment as a way to overcome the limitations of pre-regulatory impact analysis and strengthen the effectiveness of regulatory reform
▶ A need to break away from the formality of institutional measures for new regulatory reform, such as regulatory costs and regulatory sunset
○ Post-regulatory impact assessment as a way to overcome institutional limitations such as the regulatory cost management system and regulatory sunset system and seek more active utilization methods
▶ A need to present legislative outcomes by presenting active evaluation methods
○ Implement effective evaluation by overcoming the limitations of the existing regulation improvement plan of the Framework Act on Administrative Regulations and presenting a more active evaluation plan
○ Propose measures to institutionalize post-regulatory impact assessment and legislate evaluation methods and standards
○ Review of legislation regarding amendments to laws and regulations, rules, manuals, etc.
Ⅱ. Major Content 
▶ Complete survey of regulatory laws and literature research
○Complete investigation and analysis of laws and regulations on post-regulatory impact assessment
○Research and analyze literature related to post-regulatory impact assessment and use it as data to analyze the appropriateness and effectiveness of related content.
○ Analyze post-regulatory impact assessment data, literature, and statistics and use them as the basis for institutional alternatives
▶ Survey on the current status of domestic and international systems for post-impact assessment
○Analysis of foreign post-regulatory impact assessment systems and derivation of implications
   - Draw implications through post-regulatory impact assessment systems and actual evaluation analysis in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, etc.
○ Analysis of cases of operation of post-impact assessment systems that are different from domestic pre-regulatory impact analysis
   - Review the implications of institutionalization plans by analyzing the operation status and problems of the currently operating post-impact assessment system
▶ Survey of experts on post-regulatory impact assessment
○Investigation target: Government officials and experts in charge of regulatory reform within ministries
○ Survey size: 113 people in total
○ Research method: Online survey using structured questionnaire
▶ Proposal of a plan to legislate post-regulatory impact assessment
○Proposal of improvement measures and revised laws as a way to legislate
○Presentation of general principles, evaluation items and methods of post-regulatory impact assessment
Ⅲ. Expected Effects
▶ Contributing to the establishment of regulatory innovation measures through institutionalization of post-regulatory impact assessment
○ It is expected that concrete regulatory reform will be implemented by preparing measures to innovate existing regulations through institutionalization, such as legislating post-regulatory impact assessment.
▶Expectations for formal regulatory reform discussions to become substantive
○ We hope that practical and effective regulatory reform measures, rather than regulatory reform based on the interests of stakeholders or ministries, can be presented.